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Eftel, aaNet, ClubTelco and Engin are telecommunication service providers’ part of the M2 Group of companies. These consumer brands in the telecommunications space are market leading providers with over 10 years of experience providing a wide range of services including ADSL & Fibre Broadband, Mobile Broadband, Landline, VoIP and Mobile.


ClubTelco is the leading brand within the Eftel Group, offering premium telecommunication services including ADSL and Wireless Broadband as well as Fixed and Mobile telephony. ClubTelco operates under a unique membership concept that ensures members are provided with a VIP service.

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Eftel Retail

Eftel retail has been providing Internet services to consumers since 2000.  Eftel today provides ADSL broadband services as well as telephony.

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aaNet operates on three values - simplicity, efficiency and innovation.  These values have seen aaNet become a leading provider of ADSL and Landline services with a large technology savy community following.

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Engin is Australia's leading broadband telephone company. Traditionally, VoIP technology has only been used by large corporations that can afford to invest in this cost saving technology.

Since 2004 Engin has been offering this same technology directly to residential and small business customers. Engin were the first broadband phone service to be broadly available to Australian consumers and businesses, and the first on the shelves of major retailers.

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