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Corporate ADSL

Increase your efficiency with a business-grade DSL with high-speed connectivity to the Internet over copper telephone wires. DSL offers users a choice of speeds, ranging from 256Kbps to 20Mbps per second. 

Unlike residential DSL, whose operation can be affected by the number of subscribers and network performance, Eftel's business-grade DSL has a dedicated phone line and guaranteed performance and reliability.

Benefits of business-grade DSL

  • Reliable network 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated account managers 
  • Advanced corporate support
  • Customised solutions
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreement of 99.9 per cent uptime
  • Permanent access to business tools and resources
  • Improved communication with colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners
  • Improved productivity through symmetrical data transfer.
  • Truly scalable service - without the hassle of upgrading hardware or capital investment 

Eftel Corporate offers high-quality, integrated communication solutions that are reliable and customised to meet your company's individual needs. Our business grade DSL packages below are no exception. Let Eftel Corporate design a comprehensive package that is tailored to meet the immediate and future requirements of your business.

For pricing and customised solutions, please contact Corporate Sales on 1300 4 EFTEL or email: sales@eftel.com

Product Description Small Business Large Business
Service Level Agreement of 99.9 per cent uptime Basic Advanced
Account manager assigned to your business Yes Yes
Business-grade priority support No Yes
Technical manager No  Yes 
Port 25 unblocked Yes Yes
Static IP / Subnet 1 IP 16 I

Anti-virus filtering

Yes Yes
Anti-spam filtering Yes Yes
Free traffic (Local / Uploading / Eftel-to-Eftel within the state) Yes Yes
Maximum SHDSL Speeds (availability will vary depending on your exchange) N/A  4M/4M
My Account Yes Yes
Raise and track your own faults with Eftel’s NOC No Yes
Standard domain hosting Yes Yes
support for Managed VPN Yes Yes
Data statistics – real time (online usage reports) Yes Yes
Mail boxes 10 25
Personal Web space 100MB 100MB
Free dial-up for roaming and / or redundancy Yes Yes
E-mail notification for network outages No Yes
SMS notification for network outages and alerts No TBA
Quality of Service (QoS) No Yes
Coverage (network dependant) Everywhere CBD only

Contact Eftel Corporate 

If you have any questions, require additional information, or would like to discuss a service solution for your business, please contact Eftel Corporate using the details below. 

Phone: 1300 4 EFTEL
 1300 662 125

*20Mbps is the maximum achievable speed. The actual speed of your service will depend upon a number of things, such as the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper telephone wires in your area, network load and your computer hardware. For a complete list of factors affecting the actual speed, please visit www.eftel.com
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