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Midband Ethernet

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) provides high-speed dedicated Internet access at very affordable prices. EoC offers flexible connectivity options between two or more locations, either within the same city or interstate. In its most simple form, EoC is connected from one location (for example your office), direct to a local connection point on our Network to provide you with High Speed Internet synchronis internet access.

Midband Ethernet a highly scalable service with bandwidth options ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps, depending on distance from the exchange and the presence of DSL infrastructure within the exchange. EoC is significantly cheaper to implement, when compared to similar technologies such as Fibre, due to the simplicity and ease of provisioning and upgrading.

In recent years, EoC has found its way out of the traditional Local Area Network (LAN) workplace, and into the more complex Wide Area Network (WAN) environment. The dramatic growth of EoC as a technology is predominantly due to bandwidth-hungry businesses wanting a cost effective method to access the Internet as well as for client/server and multimedia applications.

Eftel Corporate is one of only a few carriers in Australia that offers EoC via multiple tier 1 carriers. 


EoC is available in an ever growing footprint and now covers most regions of Australia. Service pre-qualification can be completed by contacting Eftel Corporate.


If you have any questions, require additional information, or would like to discuss a service solution for your business, please contact Eftel Corporate using the details below.  You will receive a reply via e-mail, or a call from an account manager within 24 hours - that's our promise to you.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Advanced corporate support
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreement of 99.9 per cent uptime 
  • Scalable speeds from 2Mbps to 40Mbps
  • Ethernet can be used for Point-to-Point and Multipoint connectivity, and for direct access to the Internet
  • Simple, manageable access to high-bandwidth solutions - without the large provisioning costs

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