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With over 10 years of experience in providing wholesale internet services and significant experience owning and managing one of Australia’s most advanced ADSL networks, Eftel can provide the perfect partnership to drive your business growth.

Eftel have agreements with 5 other ADSL network carriers providing a national footprint to over 2700 exchanges (Telstra, Optus, Wideband, AAPT and Amnet). Whether you’re providing Internet or private networking solutions, you can easily combine services from these multiple carriers into a cost effective solution. Services can be delivered on a state by state basis or they can be nationally aggregated back to a single location, saving you the need to build your own national network. Our services can be delivered as either Layer II or Layer III, providing you with the flexibility to design and implement solutions exactly as you require them. Our Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP) solution provides you with the equipment and billing systems required to deliver your customers with custom Voice and Data solutions.

All of our ADSL products can be quickly and easily self managed at any time of the day via our online portal allowing you to save time and resources with access to: 

  • Online Quoting
  • Simple Ordering
  • Provisioning Visibility
  • Online Fault Reporting


Eftel’s Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) network, is a state of the art network currently providing ADSL2+ services with service coverage to over 1 Million households. MSAN’s are a superior technology to the traditional DSLAM networks operated by most Australian ISP’s and are capable of providing advanced connection options like EOC, SHDSL, ULL, Voice and more.


Eftel offer a range of pre-packaged ADSL products including our “Flat Rate” ADSL products giving you the ability to compete in today’s market without the fear of over committing your network or having to juggle individual products. You can have peace of mind that your margins are secure.


  • ADSL2 speeds up to 24Mbps down and 1Mbps up
  • ADSL1 speeds up to 8Mbps down and 384Kbps up
  • MPLS Capable
  • Customer defined contention ratios
  • Access to 70 Eftel MSAN exchange locations
  • Nationwide DSL coverag
  • Access to an additional 7 Tier 1 provider network
  • Extensive bandwidth agreement
  • Layer II and Layer III service delivery option
  • One stop shop to access multiple provider networks
  • Automated service management using our online porta
  • Packaged and Flat Rate ADSL products
  • Expert technical support and network advice

  • Increased performance/reduced operating costs
  • Complete end-to-end linking
  • Scalable - quickly integrate new applications
  • Tailored to the needs of each customer
  • Set priorities - critical information flow takes precedence
  • Multiple alternate paths - near instant rerouting in the event of a network component failure

For further information about DSL services please use our enquiry form, or contact us on 1300 4 EFTEL

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