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Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre allows you to control bandwidth, protocols and other important features of your network.

With Dark Fibre you can operate as if you have your own private optical network, gaining the flexibility, security, privacy, quality of service and reliability needed to manage and future proof your network. Whether for transmission of voice and video, network applications, inter-office connectivity, remote data storage, server consolidation or disaster recovery, we have a Dark Fibre solution to suit your needs.       

As the only user of the fibre strands allocated to you, you can be assured that data carried over those fibre strands is secure and protected from intrusion and interference.
The high-grade optical fibre cables used by our suppliers can support all protocols and applications. The high quality and availability of our suppliers service is also improved through their participation in the “Dial Before You Dig” program.

Dark Fibre can be built to meet your growing needs and you can benefit from the ability to expand and incorporate new sites that may be required by you in the future. You choose your own equipment to connect to the fibre - this gives you end-to-end control of speed, bandwidth, type of service, transport protocol and other features. Equipment that you employ must comply with the appropriate standards.

You can order service on diverse paths with no single point of failure.

Dark Fibre offers flexible, fixed-price access to virtually unlimited capacity, providing you with exclusive use of each fibre strand. Additional bandwidth capacity generated by your equipment can be carried over your fibre without any price increases.

Dark Fibre is a very flexible product that accommodates almost unlimited data bandwidth. It is only limited by the connecting hardware you attach.

Suppliers are ISO 9001 certified.
Suppliers deploy standards based (ITUG.652.C or .D) single mode optical fibre (SMOF) cable optimised for operation in the 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths.

Dark Fibre is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

  • Dark fibre service, can carry almost unlimited bandwidth
  • Carrier grade deployments in your control with speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps Ethernet or more using multiplexing technologies like CWDM, DWDM
  • You always know the exact path your circuit takes
  • Route diversity guarantees 99.999% availability so your business will stay connected
  • Fixed price per month irrespective, pricing is distance based and not bandwidth based
  • Premium SLAs with every service
  • 99.95% on a single service up to 99.999% for physically diverse services.
  • Key suppliers provide a completely underground fibre network avoiding risks associated with overhead cabling used by other carriers
  • Key suppliers focus on management and support
  • GIS applications allow issues to be identified and rectified fast
  • 24/7 NOC
  • High standards of quality control
  • Access to connectivity to over 50 data centers and over 500 buildings
  • Hard spliced end to end

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