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Customer guide for new orders and service changes

This document is provided as a guide for customers as to what to expect as we
provision new services or make changes to existing products;

The service covered by this guide include but are not limited to;

  • Fibre
  • IP bandwidth
  • IP Transit
  • Co-location
  • EOC
  • Wireless
  • VPN
  • Mass migrations (adsl, Mobile Broadband, PSTN etc.)

New Order processing (within 12 business hours)

Once your order has been received, our team will;

  • promptly create an account (new customers)
  • create a new contract in your account for the service you have ordered
  • and generate an internal provisioning request
  • send you a tracking number for your provisioning request
  • send you a welcome pack.

Change of service orders (within 12 business hours)

For change of service orders (speed change, bandwidth change, relocation, change of termination points etc.) Our team will;

  • make any required adjustments to your contract.
  • And generate an internal provision request.
  • Send you a tracking number for your provisioning request.

You can use your tracking number to enquire on the status of your order at anytime by contacting the team. You can email your update request including this number to corpprovisioning@eftel.net.au. Please be aware that we will send you updates at each Milestone during the provisioning process and that if you contact us in between these Milestone we will most likely have no additional updates for you.


Provisioning perform the following tasks to complete your order request. The provisioning team will maintain responsibility for managing setup of your service until it is completed and you have received your Handoff information.

a. Quality Check 

Provisioning will check all the order documentation to ensure we have all the information required to complete your order. If there are any issues they will contact you and your account manager immediately to obtain further information. This will be completed within 1 business hour of receiving the Internal provisioning

b. Order Placement

Provisioning will place orders with the respective areas within our business and/or with our partners to ensure all aspects of your order will complete in the quickest time possible. This will be completed within 1 business hour of quality check

c. You will receive a communication from the provisioning team to confirm that your orders have been placed.

d. Regular Follow-up

Our team are eager to ensure that your order is completed in the quickest possible
time and will be in contact with our Networking team and/or upstream partners
regularly to make sure no delays occur. This will occur daily until an Estimated Completion Date (ECD) is received. This date is the estimate of when any physical connection is expected to be complete. During this time we generally don't provide updates unless there is somethign significant we need to communicate to you however if you would like to check on teh progress please feel free to contact the NOC team for an update.

e. You will receive a communication with the ECD within the same business day of us receiving the notification from our partners or networking team.

f. We will continue to contact you on the 15th, 5th and 1 day before installation to confirm progress.

g. Confirmation of physical Service Delivery

Once our Networking team and/or upstream partners confirm the physical service
delivery is complete we will do any further work that is required to complete the order (routing changes, testing etc.). In cases where there is additional physical work required to complete your order, we will contact you to provide a final ECD, inform you of any work you may need to complete or to schedule appointment times for technician access as required. You will be contacted within 4 business hours of us receiving any completion advices.

h. Completion and Handoff

Once we have confirmed that your order has been delivered we will arrange for your billing to commence or be adjusted and send you a completion / service handoff communication.

Time frames for provision do vary depending on the scope / size of your order. Eftel endeavour to complete orders for our customers in the quickest possible time
frame however sometimes there can be delays due to additional hardware requirements, site access limitations, network embargoes and unforeseen issues.

We will always contact you with updates as we receive them and ensure we are
following up regularly with our partners. If you do not receive an update from
us at any of the milestones or within the time frames indicated in this document we encourage you to contact us immediately.

If at any stage during the provisioning process we receive information from our
partners that affects your ECD or any material aspect of your order we will contact you immediately.

Our standard delivery time frames for services are as follows:

  • Fibre - 30 - 60 business days
  • Datacentre Intercap - 14 business days
  • IP Transit - 14 - 20 business days
  • Co-location - 14 - 30 business days
  • EOC - 30 business days
  • Wireless - 30 business days
  • VPN - 5 business days (after completion of all physical services being delivered)Mass migrations (ADSL, Mobile Broadband, PSTN etc.) - None
    Cross Connects -  20 business days for quote, 20 business days for work
  • AGVC (DSL, MetroE Aggregated Handoffs) - 14 -  20 business days
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